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Lauren Bathory by LilithLairPoetry Lauren Bathory :iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 2 0
Social intelligence is at an all-time low
especially when you have the puppet
controlled media telling you what to say,
how to act, dress, and spread the influence
of copyright ideas so we are all
one and the same.
When was the last time you thought for yourself?
No intrusive peer pressure to persuade you
into thinking what the public wants you to think,
without being desecrated by their inferior
'swag' intellect, hash tag pornography,
and  'YOLO' belief systems.
The last 10 years of my life so far feels
like it has fast forwarded another fifty.
When Nirvana was the anarchist rebellion,
and Metallica resembled your inner black angst
against populist media cultures
where talent is never sought.
Look at me, rambling like a geriatic fool
knowing I'll post this on my Facebook as
another status message, cater and beckon
to "friends" I've only known skin deep--
tagging for my own selfish promotion
#swag4lyfe #YOLO #poetry
:iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 2 1
Subversive Imagination
Remember that night in the rain?
When we unraveled a narcoleptic's
worldview of winking thoughts,
manic dreams, and forlorn
memories. Everything was
a shade of grey until we looked
at the blackness of night, stared
a star at its core, whispering
to ourselves that this is not
how we envisioned life to be.
We may never subvert the ending-
twist the coil, untie the knots because
there is no ending, only minute changes
that are omnipotent to whom it affects.
While every soul shies away from truth
with a malign indifference, and distracted
by neon lights that disguises our nature,
blaming it on a nonexistent God that believes
on changing their fate.
In a landscape of apathy, we are alone
to the treasures of our mind - if you can
call it that - a narcissistic may generalize
differently and surmise that they have
the power to change the world in ways we
could never imagine. Teach the masses
to undermine, control, and sabotage those
who are weaker-minded than them.
And I looked away from the s
:iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 1 0
Brisbane Wildlands Falls by LilithLairPoetry Brisbane Wildlands Falls :iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 2 1 Garenhoof at Sunset by LilithLairPoetry Garenhoof at Sunset :iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 1 2
Slipping under my own subconscious
defeat as waves crash driving me
deeper into an unescapable abyss--
rolling surf washing my memories
against jagged cliffs, breaking like
driftwood leaving remnants sinking
to a watery grave.
And I - watch the sun flicker
above the water, seeing hope
float away in the sea air and
cast aside by headwinds while
my body forms a union with life's
mortal enemy.
A finality with no fairytale ending.
The birth of one soul on this plane
of existence leading to complete
oblivion - close my eyes so
                                     I never wake up again...
:iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 0 0
Mature content
Seductive Vapor :iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 2 1
WWI - 1
Gauge a man by how strong his drink is,
while pouring smoky, wooden notes
into a shot glass boasting of hunting
deer in the woods of Tennessee.
'Take a swig old chap'
Aim down your sights,
your heart races for the kill--
feeling fire in your throat
and your eyes wavering to see
a single shot.
One too many and out
on your ass - waiting for
perdition to save you
from the bottom of a bottle.
:iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 0 0
MLK Parade in Fort Worth 2012 by LilithLairPoetry MLK Parade in Fort Worth 2012 :iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 0 0
I've watched fallen stars
                                      streak across
                                      a summer sky -
                                      aflame with hearts'
                                      impassioned m
:iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 4 4
Starts With One
...and it starts with one
Touch - her fingers nimbly stroke
tender spots on my body, tracing
longitudinal lines; I'm her treasure
map with a path leading to a
big red 'heart', a chest awaiting
her compassionate...
Kiss - wet lips play leap frog on my skin,
a tongue acts like a pen writing on parchment
as it lyrically dances with each stroke; we feel
our breath rise, blood churns
like a graphic novel, opening
another chapter of our...
Love - licking with fierce loyalty,
burning desires, and an opus
of supernova passions; pulling me
closer so she can run her hands
through my hair, deeply kiss my
lips, and place her heart with mine...
:iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 5 6
Clyde Rawr by LilithLairPoetry Clyde Rawr :iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 1 0
she hangs on a thread
                 silence abates
legs dangling meticulously
                already too late.
Upon a cusp of litany
                                lingering doubts
                                                         a web of lies
Eight minds panicking
Imperative reactions
Swirling around.
:iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 1 12
Me at Rehab by LilithLairPoetry Me at Rehab :iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 3 0
My Friend's Name is D
My friend's name is D and I'm going to tell you all about him.
He's the type of friend that has always
been with me, through my ups and downs.
He's a great listener and never lies, for he
never speaks a word when you confide in him.
He'll always be by your side, never leaving you
to your own devices, but helps you through the day
telling you it'll be alright, "everything will be okay".
We always spend the holidays together,
he gives me a cake on my birthday, and blows
out the imaginary candles, tells me how thankful
he is for having me on Thanksgiving...
But sometimes he gets in the way.
When I'm at a friend's house, he's there
sitting away from the spotlight, observing
then whispering in my ear that everybody
doesn't like me around.
When I'm with a girl, trying to start a conversation,
I can hear him in the background yelling at how much
of a fool I am.
Cold harsh truths mingle with reality, it settles in
deep, never letting you go.
I hate him, but he accepts it in stride and says, "I
:iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 4 0
Sharp Blue by LilithLairPoetry Sharp Blue :iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 8 2

Random Favourites

Forever alone
Eternal is the struggle as I ve learned
our tears the blood we ll be shedding
in lonely fields of battle we always fight
with no apparent enemy ahead
We wake at dawn and sleep just before
we stir and moan and turn in sweaty beds
our nightmares seek to destroy us
our thoughts the most persistent hunters
We fight ourselves and hurt our souls
there is no winning no living or dying
alone we breathe alone we fight
we almost die and almost live
And when the heat of battle breaks us
we kneel alone again on scorched ground
our dreams pouring out of us in streams
we cry and scream alone again
We pray for some ending however cruel
we yearn for a deliverance that doesnt come
eternal is the struggle as I have learned
the price of being forever alone
:iconraistlin:raistlin 1 20
Jami Deadly by lithiumpicnic
Mature content
Jami Deadly :iconlithiumpicnic:lithiumpicnic 2,017 340
My Window
I stand in my room,
I stare out the window,
Losing myself in the view,
Gazing out across the land.
Snow as white as the purest light,
Covering the grass like a blanket,
The earth sleeps peacefully,
Waiting for spring to wake the day.
Springtime comes across the grass,
Melting the snow, freeing shrubs,
Pools of water become tainted,
Turning to brown as deep as teek wood.
Summertime brings the sun,
Rising high into the sky,
Shining as bright as noon light,
Warming like a sauna.
The heat slowly fades away,
Autumn leaves colour the grass,
Leaves as gold as the finest jewlery,
A mosaic of colour covers the ground.
Sadly the snow falls again,
Each snowflake like a tear from my cheek,
I wipe the tears away and
I walk away from my window.
:iconyour-canadian-angel:Your-Canadian-Angel 4 13
One Day Closer...
Every night as I lay to rest,
I reflect on my day,
Wishing so badly to leave this hell,
I clear my mind and know each sleep brings me,
One day closer to you.
My days are long,
My nights are restless,
I am so bored,
I am so depressed, but what keeps me going is I'm
One day closer to you.
Counting down the months,
Counting down the weeks,
Counting down the days,
As the number gets lower I'm
One day closer to you.
I'm one day closer to love.
One day closer to my soulmate,
One day closer to everlasting happiness,
One day closer to your arms,
One day closer....
:iconyour-canadian-angel:Your-Canadian-Angel 2 17
Your Angel
I watch from the heavens,
I look down at you each night,
I protect you from any danger,
I am your angel.
I am the one that brings light,
I make sure there is no darkness,
I keep you safe from harm,
I am your angel.
I feel your happiness,
I feel your sadness,
I feel your pain,
I am your angel.
When you cry, I cry,
When you yell, I listen,
When you want to give up, I give you hope,
I am your angel.
When you fall to your knees,
When you kick and scream,
I bring you up, I'm always there,
I am your angel.
I am your angel,
Heaven sent me to you,
I will always be here for you,
I will always love you.
:iconyour-canadian-angel:Your-Canadian-Angel 5 11
Open Mind
Darkness her new every lasting tomb,
Sunlight an ever burning memory,
Awoken to the lights gone dark,
Her eyes screeching when lights pass,
Feeling brand new,
A change begun,
A mind more open,
Lungs newly filled,
Her body is sated,
Her mind brimming,
Thoughts of lifes sweets sorrows have passed,
The darkness now her warming sun,
With her mind she does touch,
Thoughts of another,
Happy and new,
What has come from her passing,
She is home now,
Within this dark and lonely cave,
She is no longer scared,
At ease with her place,
Knowing her passing was for someone else,
She has adjusted,
Feeling by way of a simple mind thread,
Her mind now open,
To feel what she no longer can,
By way of anothers path,
She knows this is where she belongs,
So she'll stay with her open mind.
:iconartistic-rhino:Artistic-Rhino 2 3
Mature content
Acts of Passion :iconyour-canadian-angel:Your-Canadian-Angel 12 44
Mature content
Let's Make Love :iconyour-canadian-angel:Your-Canadian-Angel 14 27
A Shadow There
As I lay awake at night, a tear rolls down my cheek,
I contemplate past worries of day, and answers that I seek.
Faces, places, images fly by, I do not know what to do,
My feelings are confused in this world, and such is my heart too.
But, you will always be there.
I look around at the world, with thoughtless eyes to see,
The vanity of it all, and all the insignificance to me.
People are faceless, inanimate and in cold despair,
They live out a life in vain, consumed by shallow affair.
But, you will always be there.
My sense is plagued by thought, perpetually one in mind,
I follow as a shadow- a thought, but always close behind.
I feel like a painting, an unfinished work of art,
I am trapped in the background, with a hurt and bleeding heart.
But, you will always be there.
I watch you fall in love, the smile that lights your face,
You will always be happy, and forever feel in place.
But I sleep alone and cry, forgotten in the sands of time,
You will never notice me, how could it be such
:icont0rmented:t0rmented 2 4
Never again
You've torn me from my safety
You've torn me from my home
You've made me wonder who I am
You've left me all alone
I look into the depths
Of darkness and despair
I look into my soul
And find me no longer there
  My eyes shed tears of painful silence
  Of sheer and wanting hate
I stare into the darkness finding
nothing more to wait
I wrap my arms around myself
Trying to soothe the pain
Alone I wait for something to
keep me here and sane
The act was hardly painful
The consequences seep
Into the depths of madness
My courage longs to weep
You stole something most precious
When you came to me
I should have kept my guard up
I should have stayed free
Never shall I trust like that
Never shall I fall
For this last time I gave in
For this last time was all
The pain rekindles all past hurts
Those who came before
Memories of things left done
With never seeking the core
Justice not done for past ills
And justice not coming now
All I keep inside of me
The wondering how?
Painful we
:iconferelwing:Ferelwing 2 4
Third Eye by shallow-angel Third Eye :iconshallow-angel:shallow-angel 3 3 Spirit of the autumn by jd-ayane Spirit of the autumn :iconjd-ayane:jd-ayane 1,782 346
There are many words I wish I could say; I no longer have the chance.
It is all I can do to reclaim your face while sifting through remembrance.
I rest my knees upon the soil where you permanently lay.
Mournfully I cast a solitary rose in memory of your days.
:iconliart66:liart66 9 42
Leona by lithiumpicnic
Mature content
Leona :iconlithiumpicnic:lithiumpicnic 1,260 209
She left in the night,
She left without a trace,
She left without a fight,
She left with no tears on her face.
She kissed her mom on the head,
She packed a small bag,
She left a note on her bed,
She never meant to call her mom a hag.
Where would she go?
She didnt care, she just had to leave.
She would no longer live in woe,
She moves through the garden as elegant as eve.
A friendly stranger she meets,
He promises to be gentle,
He lied...for he was not, he beat.
She was treated like a cheap rental.
Where to go now?
She has lost her trust,
She needs to survive, but how?
She doesn't want to be another object of lust.
Her worst nightmare comes to be,
Pregnant at seventeen,
All she wanted was to be free,
Now she's trapped in a life in which she is not keen.
Dare return home?
Or face a life on the streets?
Raise a babe on a bed of foam?
No, her child deserves a better treat.
She makes the call.
There is endless ringing,
Tears begin to fall,
A sad song f
:iconyour-canadian-angel:Your-Canadian-Angel 4 14



Commit Suicide by venomx
Mature content
Commit Suicide :iconvenomx:venomx 682 248
Seasonscape by alexiuss Seasonscape :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 75,482 8,423 The Day the Earth Died final by sanosoke The Day the Earth Died final :iconsanosoke:sanosoke 2,342 474 Incanto by folkvangar Incanto :iconfolkvangar:folkvangar 2,309 342 Forest Whispers by cosmosue Forest Whispers :iconcosmosue:cosmosue 1,316 224 what is going on ? by uAe-Designer what is going on ? :iconuae-designer:uAe-Designer 284 336 foreplay by suzi9mm
Mature content
foreplay :iconsuzi9mm:suzi9mm 3,422 994
Church of the Black Rose by Zephyri Church of the Black Rose :iconzephyri:Zephyri 7,547 1,471


I'm just a hazy silhouette floating
through memories I will never forget.
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