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Nha Trang Beach at Dusk by LilithLairPoetry Nha Trang Beach at Dusk :iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 2 4 The Vietnamese Saharan by LilithLairPoetry The Vietnamese Saharan :iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 2 0 Nha Trang by LilithLairPoetry Nha Trang :iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 2 0 Ho Chi Minh City Town Hall by LilithLairPoetry Ho Chi Minh City Town Hall :iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 4 0 On top of the World by LilithLairPoetry On top of the World :iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 1 0 Love at Ponangar by LilithLairPoetry Love at Ponangar :iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 1 0 Lauren Bathory by LilithLairPoetry Lauren Bathory :iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 2 0
Social intelligence is at an all-time low
especially when you have the puppet
controlled media telling you what to say,
how to act, dress, and spread the influence
of copyright ideas so we are all
one and the same.
When was the last time you thought for yourself?
No intrusive peer pressure to persuade you
into thinking what the public wants you to think,
without being desecrated by their inferior
'swag' intellect, hash tag pornography,
and  'YOLO' belief systems.
The last 10 years of my life so far feels
like it has fast forwarded another fifty.
When Nirvana was the anarchist rebellion,
and Metallica resembled your inner black angst
against populist media cultures
where talent is never sought.
Look at me, rambling like a geriatic fool
knowing I'll post this on my Facebook as
another status message, cater and beckon
to "friends" I've only known skin deep--
tagging for my own selfish promotion
#swag4lyfe #YOLO #poetry
:iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 2 1
Subversive Imagination
Remember that night in the rain?
When we unraveled a narcoleptic's
worldview of winking thoughts,
manic dreams, and forlorn
memories. Everything was
a shade of grey until we looked
at the blackness of night, stared
a star at its core, whispering
to ourselves that this is not
how we envisioned life to be.
We may never subvert the ending-
twist the coil, untie the knots because
there is no ending, only minute changes
that are omnipotent to whom it affects.
While every soul shies away from truth
with a malign indifference, and distracted
by neon lights that disguises our nature,
blaming it on a nonexistent God that believes
on changing their fate.
In a landscape of apathy, we are alone
to the treasures of our mind - if you can
call it that - a narcissistic may generalize
differently and surmise that they have
the power to change the world in ways we
could never imagine. Teach the masses
to undermine, control, and sabotage those
who are weaker-minded than them.
And I looked away from the s
:iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 1 0
Brisbane Wildlands Falls by LilithLairPoetry Brisbane Wildlands Falls :iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 2 1 Garenhoof at Sunset by LilithLairPoetry Garenhoof at Sunset :iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 1 2
Slipping under my own subconscious
defeat as waves crash driving me
deeper into an unescapable abyss--
rolling surf washing my memories
against jagged cliffs, breaking like
driftwood leaving remnants sinking
to a watery grave.
And I - watch the sun flicker
above the water, seeing hope
float away in the sea air and
cast aside by headwinds while
my body forms a union with life's
mortal enemy.
A finality with no fairytale ending.
The birth of one soul on this plane
of existence leading to complete
oblivion - close my eyes so
                                     I never wake up again...
:iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 0 0
Mature content
Seductive Vapor :iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 2 1
WWI - 1
Gauge a man by how strong his drink is,
while pouring smoky, wooden notes
into a shot glass boasting of hunting
deer in the woods of Tennessee.
'Take a swig old chap'
Aim down your sights,
your heart races for the kill--
feeling fire in your throat
and your eyes wavering to see
a single shot.
One too many and out
on your ass - waiting for
perdition to save you
from the bottom of a bottle.
:iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 0 0
MLK Parade in Fort Worth 2012 by LilithLairPoetry MLK Parade in Fort Worth 2012 :iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 0 0
I've watched fallen stars
                                      streak across
                                      a summer sky -
                                      aflame with hearts'
                                      impassioned m
:iconlilithlairpoetry:LilithLairPoetry 4 4

Random Favourites

Metropolis by Orikon Metropolis :iconorikon:Orikon 216 70 Harmonic Existence by Orikon Harmonic Existence :iconorikon:Orikon 1,055 317
Tired Love
Why do you long for love, my dear?
Cry  for it during those long cold nights?
Bleed  for it in the never-ending darkness?
Tired of the porcelain dolls
Their empty smile. Their cold embrace.
You tried to pour your life into them.
Hoping that by your death, they might live.
Might love.
Instead as you lay there within the flickering lamplight
They laughed.
At your dreams. At your hopes. At your belief.
Taunting whispers soothed your pain.
They obliged your faniciful dreams.
Crooning soft warm assurances whilst you withered away.
But it was not enough was it?
Those beautiful imitations
Never enough for your deepening hunger.
Even as the last spark within your eyes began to dim.
You screamed. You cried. You begged.
To live. To die. To love.
This is your plight. My dream. Our nightmare.
:iconsilent-confession:silent-confession 1 2
King of the Hill by kingmong King of the Hill :iconkingmong:kingmong 478 125
Mature content
Sometimes I, Like Other Women :iconadahplatha:adahplatha 409 183
I Love You to Death
I love you
With all my heart
We'll be together
'Til death do us part
You held my hand
And took my heart
I hoped the end
Would never start
The end is hear
I feel it's breath
I've seen your true colors
Even in death
I've had quite enough
Of your seething lies
You'll see soon enough
That everything dies
Your nightmare comes true
As you take your last breath
And all the world knows
I loved you to death
:icondisastercake:Disastercake 5 22
Trapped in my Dreams WALLPAPER by ladymorgana Trapped in my Dreams WALLPAPER :iconladymorgana:ladymorgana 309 79 The Children by kittynn The Children :iconkittynn:kittynn 4,069 842 Ironique by Azgoth Ironique :iconazgoth:Azgoth 36 14 Rouge by Azgoth Rouge :iconazgoth:Azgoth 67 32



Commit Suicide by venomx
Mature content
Commit Suicide :iconvenomx:venomx 680 248
Seasonscape by alexiuss Seasonscape :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 75,495 8,426 The Day the Earth Died final by sanosoke The Day the Earth Died final :iconsanosoke:sanosoke 2,338 474 Incanto by folkvangar Incanto :iconfolkvangar:folkvangar 2,313 342 Forest Whispers by cosmosue Forest Whispers :iconcosmosue:cosmosue 1,316 224 what is going on ? by uAe-Designer what is going on ? :iconuae-designer:uAe-Designer 284 336 foreplay by suzi9mm
Mature content
foreplay :iconsuzi9mm:suzi9mm 3,416 994
Church of the Black Rose by Zephyri Church of the Black Rose :iconzephyri:Zephyri 7,547 1,471


Damn it's been awhile. I forgot even how to use DeviantArt anymore. Lots of things have changed, not writing much at all anymore, though the muses are in my head still. I'm happily engaged, got to travel to Vietnam and many places around the world. Experience many cultural things in Asia as part of my adventures. I guess now it's time to purge many of the old photographs on here that I don't feel any attachment to. That person too has moved on as well and I wish her the best. The poetry stays, that's personally mine and may one day come back to it.
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